Jane R. Coyle, LCSW


Specializing in the Treatment of Anxiety 


Jane R. Coyle: You can trust her 35 years of experience
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"Get a Grip":
the Three Worst Words in English

Usually the speaker intends to be helpful. But the effect is just the opposite. Being seen as anxious and being told to get past your anxiety always makes the anxiety worse. In reality, the speaker is just being anxious about your anxiety. 

Come see me. I can help. And I promise I won't tell you to "get a grip."

Men suffer from depression in ways different from women. Men, to take a depression test created for you, click on the drawing below. 

"Do I need a therapist?"

Click on the brain to download and take a self-test.
The two-minute therapist here: 

-- I can make people like me?

-- Sanchez and Bolton: Their art in my office

Click on the picture above to take a private anxiety test, just to see...



I am available for:

  • free initial half-hour phone consultations
  • in-office 50- or 80- minute appointments 
  • phone consultation 
  • multi-hour Fix It Now appointments
  • Skype and iChat video appointments 
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